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Bangs...are they for you?

Are you are bored with your look? Want to do something bold without changing your existing hair style? How about bangs! Creating a bang is a substantial change to your look so how do you know if it will work for you? Here are a few tips for figuring out whether to bang or not to bang!

If you have a long forehead (a lot of space between the bridge of your nose and your hair line ex Rhianna or Tyra Banks), bangs are a great option for you! It’s only common sense that if you have a large forehead, covering it with bangs will eliminate that illusion. If you have a short or narrow forehead, bangs are not a very good option for you. Having a bang in this instance will make your whole face appear shorter. If you have a narrow forehead and are still insistent on having a bang, at least keep them short (as shown top left) to elongate the face as much as possible. Here are some tips for common face shapes;

Round faces- Steer clear of a bang that is straight across as it can make the face look wider. Your best bet is a bang that is cut straight across with the sides left a little longer (Jennifer Hudson pic). This is better than a completely rounded bang which can tend to make the face look even rounder.

Long faces- If your face is long, be careful not to choose too round of a rounded bang as it can make the face appear even longer. Keeping the bangs at eyebrow level or longer is a good idea.

Oval faces- If you have this face shape, you are one lucky duck! People with oval shaped faces can do just about anything with hair style or colour and are pretty much guaranteed to look great!


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