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Voluminous Hair How-To

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need any fancy gadgets or expensive gimmicks to get volume in your hair. All you need is a comb or brush! Here’s how you do it!

Apply a styling aid (mousse, gel, serum, etc) to your wet hair and blowdry/straighten as normal. When you are finished, grab your comb or brush. If you’re going to use a brush, a bristle brush works best and they‘re very inexpensive. You can purchase one at your local drug store. A vent brush won’t do the job and a round brush will only get entangled in your hair.

Where ever you hair is parted, take a section about half an inch below the part and about two inches wide on each side of your part. Hold the section up by the ends and drag the comb/brush down to the root on the under side repeatedly until you start to form a base of ‘nesting‘. This is called teasing and has been a girl‘s best friend for ages!

After your base is a half to an inch thick, lay the section back down. I know what you’re thinking…now my hair looks like a rat’s nest! Not to worry! Take your comb/brush and lightly stroke the top being careful not to penetrate to the underneath.

Finish with a bit of spray or pomade to tame fly always and, voila!

If you are still feeling the need for bigger hair, you can add a section in the crown area or simply continue to make as many sections as you wish!


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